So, me and my family have made the leap to change nearly everything about our lives except each other. We have left our home, our friends, our life we have worked many years on, my family and moved to Denmark’s 3rd largest city, Odense.

I decided to also bring my knowledge and love of HypnoBirthing and calm labour with me and start to teach here and introduce Danish and international parents to this fantastic course. There are a few brilliant practitioners already working here including Bjarne Dam Larsen, who is the mind behind the brilliant ‘Mindful Birth‘ and also Georgina Brøndal of Floresence who is also a Mongan Method practitioner in Copenhagen. I was surprised to learn that HypnoBirthing is not as well know and popular here as it is in London, where it is very very succesful. So I am seeking out ways to introduce it to people. I have met many birthing professionals and amazing powerful women and discussed the programme for many hours. I am slowly building up a network and will soon be running some introductory courses in collaboration with the brilliant Earth Yoga.

It is an exciting time for me and for ways to approach labour, the tide is turning and even the medical world are seeing the potential benefits not only to mothers, fathers and newborns, but also to the hospitals as well. I am always here to answer any questions about HypnoBirthing so please feel free to get in touch.